The Dubai Fountain | Best and quick guide for visitors in 2020

Dubai Fountain details

The Dubai fountain show is held in the handmade River, at the center of Dubai, Downtown Dubai. It is the better attraction for the tourists and the visitors. It is located at Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid BlVD, Downtown Dubai. The Dubai Fountain is located in the heart of Dubai, downtown Dubai, opposite Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall, the world’s only landmarks.

dubai fountain


Dubai Fountain Shows are held in a 32 acre handmade lake. This light illuminates a huge fountain when it goes up the fountain at night.

Choreographed jet fountains carry the lake’s water to great heights for all types of aggressive performances at the Dubai Fountain, and each fountain emits a blazing light. Each of the fountains in Dubai Fountain works sequentially and this process takes the form of a new display.

The total fountains present in the lake are divided into different types of categories, in which some jet fountains and some fog jet fountains. Entire fountains run together to give the fountain the shape of a three-dimensional canvas.

dubai fountain

The Dubai Fountain falls under the category of the world’s top Fountains and treats a magnet to people in Dubai, meaning it is able to attract more visitors. People are drawn automatically during the Dubai Fountain Show Key.

Designing and Construction

The name was chosen after the tender had given to Emaar properties and the result of tender announced in the reference of the Emaar Properties on 26 October 2008.

The construction of the fountain was started in October 2008 and the first testing of the fountain was held on 8 February 2009. After that, the inauguration ceremony was held on May 8th 2009. Sometimes, it is held with the sound and fire. In the New Year celebration of 2011, the Fire and the sound both were executed in the fountains. The fountains organized in the different pattern of shooting water.

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The Dubai fountain was opened on 8th May of 2009. It was designed by WET designers, completely based on the fountains of Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas. This project was completed around $230 million USD. It has been graced with around 6500+ lights. Shooters showing fountain shows at Burj Lake span 902 feet (275 m) in water with lights of different colors. Dubai Fountain is designed in such a way that it has 22000+ spray.

The spray took time in five circles and 2 arcs. The bottom of both the arc is connected vertically to each other. There is one circle inside the big arc and three circles above and one circle inside the second and smaller arc.

dubai fountain


Experience at Dubai Fountain Show

The water seems as like, water is dancing. It is the best view of the water. The fountain show is held after every half an hour for five minutes at night. Form gets a very good view of The Burj Khalifa.


There is an exit point of the Dubai mall. Hotel Address Dubai is the nearest hotel to the Burj lake. The fountain shows are held with the completely sound effects. The Restaurants at Souk Al Bahar also offers fantastic views included Italian food and some types of Alcohol.

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Arabic and Western songs are played during shows at the Dubai Fountain. But many times songs are played according to events.

The highest fountain of Dubai Fountain is 500 feet which is the highest fountain in the world.. The Shows are held in the Burj lake. The traditional Boat ride also available there for the tour of The Burj Lake. The period of the riding is half an hour and the cost of Riding is AED 65 per person.

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The Dubai fountain Boardwalk

The Fountain Boardwalk offers a better view of the Dubai Fountain Show in which visitors are provided with a flat platform 275 meters long to walk and the boardwalk is designed to allow the visitor to get a view of the fountain without any hindrance is. The fountain is built only 9 meters from the Boardwalk Fountain.

dubai fountain

The entrance to the boardwalk is from Burj Park. A spectacular and aggressive view of Fountain Dubai is obtained from the boardwalk. The fun of the fountain can be better taken from the boardwalk scenes and every action of fountain can be noted.

Timing and Ticketing

The fountain show is fully free, But if anyone want to take best experience of the fountains, for them a ticket of AED 20 per person has managed at the Dubai fountain Abra Ticket counter.

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Dubai Fountain Boardwalk has to pay around AED 25 to get the best view of the Dubai Fountain. The Dubai Fountain is the most visiting area in the Dubai. It has 60,000+ Positive reviews on Google and the best attractive place in Dubai.


Fountain shows are held every evening from 6 pm to 11 pm and Afternoon shows are held from Saturday to Thursday at 1 PM, 1:30 PM and the extra show is held on 2 PM. The shows timing are changed on Friday at 1:30 PM, 2 PM and the extra show is held at 2:30 PM. The evening shows are held daily after every half an hour. The fountain show is the best entertainment place for the tourists.

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