The Dubai Creek| #1 Unique charm of Old Dubai

The Dubai Creek

The Dubai Creek, known as the Zara River by the ancient Greeks, is a river, also known as the Khor River. It starts from the heart of Dubai ie Ras Al-Khor wildlife Sanctuary and ends in the Persian Gulf. It divides into two different directions.

Dubai creek is more known today for the entertainment of the people in which Fun Rides in Creek River is more liked by the people. The traditional Abra of Dubai has also been given more importance, which is still highly liked by people.

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The Creek River spans a total length of about 14 kilometers and spreads from 100 to 400 meters wide.

Dubai creek is most liked by people due to its ancient identity, which provides the identity of Old Dubai.


When talking about the history of the creek, it is known that the creek used to divide the city of Dubai into two parts which are today known as Deira and Bur Dubai.

Then the Bani Yes tribe was inhabited in Dubai city and then the Al Maktoum dynasty was established. Before the extraction of oil, around 1930, when Dubai’s initial business was in pearls, all kinds of rectangles were from the export creek.

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However, the creek became the only means of business in the city of Dubai due to being the only port. Transport was not enabled by the creek dividing Dubai into two cities when bridges were built to connect the two parts of the city.

After dividing the city of Dubai in two parts, the first bridge designed to connect both parts Bur Dubai and Deira was Al Maktoum which was built in 1963.

In the 19th century, Creek was the only means of Dubai’s business and by the 1950s, the city developed and it was reduced to a small extent.

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In the 19th century, Dubai’s primary occupation was also the production of puddles with beads for which the city dwellers were based entirely on Dubai Creek. By the year 1955, the rectangle exports from Creek began to increase, after which the idea of ​​developing Dubai Creek harbor started.

After the construction of the Jabel ali port in 1979, Creek harbor began to be used less. All kinds of imports started to be exported from Jabel Ali port.

New developments

Dubai Creek divides the city of Dubai into two parts, Deira and Bur Dubai. The expansion of Dubai Creek was planned in the 90s, which was completed in the 21st century after 2005.

After splitting into two parts of Dubai Creek, they were connected to new locations before being merged into the Persian Gulf. Several places such as Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club and Park Hyatt Dubai were added to the part of the creek leading to and from Deira.

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The creek was expanded by connecting the divided second part of Dubai Creek and places like Business Bay and Safa Park.

A 2.2 km long water canal, also known as the Dubai Water Canal, was inaugurated in November 2014 to expand the portion of the creek through Safa Park.

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Dubai Creek Park and Dubai Creek Harbor, built under the name Dubai Creek, underwent a number of new constructions and the Creek Harbor was transformed into an Attraction in Dubai.

Taking Dubai Creek as the base, a new project was prepared for the construction of “Dubai Creek Tower”, the world’s tallest building in Dubai. This project has been designed in such a way that the center has the highest building in the world, The Creek Tower and that tower is surrounded by many buildings from nearby.

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Bridges and crossing

The Creek River is divided into two parts and being divided into two parts, there are many bridges for transportation and the first one is Pull al Maktoum, which was built in the year 1973. A total of 5 crossings to connect the two halves for road transport are Al Shindagha Tunnel, Al Maktoum Bridge, Floating Bridge, Al Garhoud Bridge, Business Bay Crossing,Of which the floating bridge is built only for a short time which will be converted into a bridge named Dubai Smile.

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The metro is also used for river crossings in Dubai. Red Line Metro and Green Line Metro crossing have been constructed to transport Dubai Metro.

A new crossing of 1.6 km is to be built in Dubai named as Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Crossing.

Tourist attractions

Dubai Creek Harbour

The Harbor of Dubai creek is known as Dubai Creek Harbor which has become a better place for attraction of people. Dubai Creek Harbor is considered to be one of the best tourist places liked by the people.

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There are many types of boat rides from Creek Harbor. From Dubai Creek Harbor one can ride in the traditional Boats Abra. At this Harbor, facilities of Wonder Bus, Water Taxi and other types of Boats are also provided by RTA.

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Abra is considered one of Dubai’s oldest marine rides. Abra is considered a heritage of Dubai’s history. Despite the constant changes in Dubai’s transportation, Abra is considered to be the most popular gem in Dubai.

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Dubai Creek Park

Dubai Creek Park is known as a fun park where all types of fun areas can be seen. A small artwork from the Interus in the park has already been explained that this park is designed for children’s fun process. Its disrespect has been provided to the children for playing and adventure.

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Many types of flowers can be seen inside the park. And cable transport can be enjoyed as an adventure.

Most liked by people in Creek Park is the Dubai Dolphinarium – Dolphin & Seal Show, which shows dolphins’ shows and tricks.

dolphin show in dubai creek park

A Friendship Statue in Creek Park was built on 15 November 1979, known as the Rings of Friendship Statue. This statue was made by the American Community and is considered as a friendship gift.

This friendship ring is considered a symbol of the friendship between the American Business Council of Dubai and the Northern emirates.

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