Palm Jumeirah: No.1 largest Island in the World

Why Palm Jumeirah is famous for?

Palm Jumeirah is an island near the sea in Dubai that is considered a part of Dubai’s handmade islands. It is also spread in the Gulf of Islands. This island is a distinct part of those special types of islands, Palm Jabel Ali, Palm Daira, and The World and the Universe, Which is about 5 km from Dubai.  Palm Jumeirah is preferred as one of the most preferred in Dubai city of UAE. The Palm Jumeirah is an artificial island known as part of the Palm Islands, Which was built in this 21st century. This island has been given as a palm tree.

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A number of projects are underway to further develop the Palm Jumeirah artificial island, in which the land development project has been given advance space mainly under which everything can be constructed. Many projects have been put on this project, according to which the use of bridges, electricity, roads, and all types of means is available in every place of the island so that the island can be transformed into a dream destination.

The Palm Jumeirah is regarded as the world’s largest man-made island. It is the most extended artificial island in the world, which has been extended further by about 120 km from the sea level in Dubai. About 1730+ villas have been prepared on this man-made island. And there is a private beach for each villa.

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Crescent has been used approximately 11 km off the island’s coast to protect Palm Island. Today, on Palm Jumeirah Island, a number of five-star hotels, shopping malls, water parks, water aquariums, and many restaurants have been fully equipped with human facilities.


Palm Jumeirah Island was developed by “Nakheel Properties“, a real estate company authorized by the Dubai government, which started in 2000. This work was started by Nakheel Properties in the month of June 2001.

Palm Jumeirah Island was built by two Dutch companies, Van Ord and Boskalis, and the entire work was prepared and designed by Helman Harley Charvat Peacock, an American architectural company. Extensive engineering and program management services were provided by WSP during the construction of Palm Jumeirah Island, which mainly consisted of pipe and cable facilities.

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During the construction of the Palm Jumeirah, it was announced by executive developers to complete and hand over some of the island’s residential areas by the end of 2006. After that, by the end of 2007, many families started living on the island. By the end of 2009, the construction of hotels and restaurants on the entire island was over.

Initially, the infrastructure of Palm Jumeirah Island was completed by 2004, which was completely completed by 2006. The construction of buildings started in mid-2006 after the land layer was ready. And until around 2007, many families started living on the island.

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The construction of the entire Palm Islands limits the size of 120 km from the sea level by the Palm Jumeirah Island out of a total of 520 km. Almost, all types of facilities have been made available on the Jumeirah coastal area and it is being further developed.

The entire project was provided with 6 years of preparation time, due to which a number of complex difficulties caused its construction to be delayed by about two years.

In the construction of the entire project, the executive engineers and the companies had to face many kinds of difficulties. The most important task in the construction of the entire project was to create an underground site for which a large amount of Persian sand was used.

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About 11 breakwater bridges have been built to connect the whole island with each other and the city of Dubai.

A few months after the complete construction of Palm Island, a report was given by NASA in 2009 which told about the geographical location of Palm Island.

In which it was presented that “On measuring the island of Palm Island with a laser altimeter satellite, it was found that the sea pressure would see a danger of submergence of about 0.2 inches of the island’s land every year.”

In response, Nakheel stated that “a structurally prepared report said that no such problem should be seen and that the resolution of laser satellites could be possible only by inches.


To connect the Palm Jumeirah to the city of Dubai, a variety of modes of transport such as the Palm Jumeirah Monorail, Dubai Metro, trams and buses can be seen, but some modes of transport such as the Dubai Metro and tram cannot be used to connect the Palm Jumeirah to Dubai. Dubai Metro and trams facilities are only for the nearest stations to Palm Jumeirah. Palm serves as a major network connecting Jumeirah to the city of Dubai.

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Palm is the monorail connecting Jumeirah Island to the mainland of Dubai City, which was started on 30 April 2009 and runs approximately 5.5 km from Dubai City to the Gateway Towers via the Atlantis Hotel and through the island mainland. The Palm Monorail can be seen at Atlantis Monorail station after every 15 minutes to connect the Palm Jumeirah to Dubai City.

Housing and More

Out of the 4500 villas built so far since the start of the Palm Island construction project, 2000 villas were already purchased, showing salvation in the island’s image. After the island was built, the number of people living on the Palm Jumeirah in 2016 was 10,500.

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After the creation of the Palm Jumeirah, a variety of attractive hotels and resorts have been built to make the island better and to prioritize, including Atlantis The Palm, The Fairmont Palm Hotel & Resort, Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort, St. Major Hotels & Resorts – Regis Dubai – The Palm, Kempinski Hotel & Residences, Emerald Palace Kempinski Dubai, Rixos The Palm Dubai, Sofitel Dubai, The Palm Resort & Spa, The Langham, Palm Jumeirah, Jumeirah Zabeel Saray, Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeirah, etc. are the best hotels and resorts.

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