Mall of the Emirates |#1 Productive mall in Dubai

Mall of the Emirates, Dubai

Mall of the Emirates is counted as the biggest shopping mall of the UAE, It is located at interchange four on Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai. It is a property of Majid Al Futtaim. Mall of the Emirates is the first mall in the whole world with a specific resort. It has many types of entertainment spaces & sports area with the largest Carrefour in Dubai.

mall of the emirates

The mall of the emirates is promoting more than 650+ brands in the section of fashion & lifestyle. The mall provides the best entertainment area for visitors and families’ pleasure. The mall is the best indoor entertainment place for families.

The mall of the emirates provides 7700+ parking spaces, 80+ luxury stores with the biggest renewed brands in the world, 100+ food parlor, and a cafeteria.

It attracts the visitor’s mind and gave them a joyful moment of their life such as VOX Cinemas, Magic Planet, Art center, and Ski Dubai. The mall has 900+ Stores & currently features more than 650+ retail outlets.

Mall of the Emirates welcomes more than 40 million visitors annually who come to enjoy their day with the facilities of the mall. The mall increased its rank in the top 7 for the productive shopping mall in the world.

Designing and Construction

The Constriction of the mall was completed in September 2005 which was started in October 2003. The project of the mall was created by Majid Al Futtaim and it was designed by F+A architects.

It covers 255,489 square meters of land with 7700+ Parking spaces. The Mall of the Emirates is a three-story building built in such a way that it unambiguously combines Arabic art with modern art.

The entire mall is designed by Holfords Associates and constructed by F + A Architects. The main building of the mall was handled by Khansaheb Industries Dubai.

mall of the emirates

The entire mall was built on the basis of the project costing  USD $ 216 million which includes Entertainment, Dining, and Shopping.

Entertainment like Ski Dubai, Magic Planet, and Vox Cinemas were also added to make the mall more attractive.

Expansion of the Mall of the Emirates, Evolution 2015

By the end of 2013, after the construction of the mall, the mall was being considered for redevelopment. To complete this project, a complete determination was made on August 25, 2014, and the project was named Evolution 2015. Under which, in 2015, about 36,000 square meters of space was added to add about 40 retail shops and new brands.

The mall’s existing parking lot 7700 was converted into a 9000 car parking lot. Under this redevelopment, the Mall of the Emirates was extended to all categories.

mall of the emirates

Designing for the interior redevelopment of the Mall of the Emirates was done by DLR Group.

In this expansion, many types of changes were made in the mall. About 12 restaurants were enlarged under the mall in redevelopment and screens were also extended in Vox Cinema.

By September 2015, the gross leasable area had been reduced to 26,000+square meters to give full acceptance to Evolution 2015.

The mall was inaugurated on 30 September 2015 after the redevelopment.

Dinning in the mall of the emirates

The Mall of the Emirates is considered to be the next level in all categories, which mainly includes Entertainment, Dining, and Shopping. Many types of dining options are provided inside the mall. These mainly include Dinning, Fast-food Dinning, Dinning in Restaurants, Dinning in the Kempinski Hotel, and Dinning in the Sheraton Dubai Hotel.

The mall has two international food courts and a fashion dome.

There are a total of 26 cafes inside the Mall of the Emirates, with the predominantly most preferred %Arabica. There are several cafes inside the mall where the best coffee beans and cappuccino can be enjoyed.

There are about 40 fast-food corners inside the mall where different types of dining can be enjoyed and around 30 restaurants which evoke different types of cuisine.


The mall has two attached 5-star hotels for the visitors and Guest’s comfort, Kempinski Hotel and Sheraton Dubai.

The Kempinski Hotel

The Kempinski Hotel is a 5-star hotel connected to the Mall of the Emirates, from which one can view the osmotic slopes of Ski Dubai. The hotel is known for its fine cuisine and some of its restaurants evoke European cuisine.

mall of the emirates

Aspen Café, Noir, Olea, and Salero Tapas & Bodega are four restaurants that give the joy to eat cuisine in the Kempinski hotel.

mall of the emirates

The Sheraton Dubai

The Sheraton Dubai Hotel is a Turkish hotel for dining, which has a variety of restaurants and is known for Turkish cuisine to enhance the Turkish style.

mall of the emirates

The Sheraton Dubai Hotel has about 5 restaurants, which are Besh Turkin Kitchen, Brunswick Sports Club, Link Café, Sanctuary Pool Lounge, and Vantage Bar and Lounge.

The Sheraton Dubai Hotel offers excellent views of Dubai, including Burj Al Arab and other panoramic views.

Entertainment and more

Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai was the best milestone in the mall and it was started in November 2005. Ski Dubai is a snow park spread over a 22,300-meter square. Ice temperatures range from about –2 to -3 degrees Celsius. It is a part of the Emirates mall. Indoor snow Park consists of an 85-meter high indoor mountain with five different types of difficult slopes for the adventure, including a 0.4 km long run (which is the longest run).

mall of the emirates

It has a Snow park for the experience of the cold. After playing in the snow, there is a cafeteria inside Ski Dubai where you can enjoy hot drinks.

Ski Dubai is an indoor Ski resort at one of the largest malls in the world.

Magic planet

In the malls Magic Planet, there are two areas for different types of ages. There are some types of racing Simulator, bumper cars, and jumping stars.

known dubai


The famous thing about the Magic planet is the 7D adventure with the 3D Graphic movie and 4D Effects with the range of motion. The mall is well constructed and maintained. It will be the best-experienced place for the first-time visitor.

Vox Cinema

The mall’s VOX Cinema has large multiplex screens with the VOX gold screens and the facility of laser cinema.

VOX cinema can be a place of fun, adventure, and excitement for anyone.

mall of the emirates

VOX Cinemas had 14 multiplex cinema screens before Evolution 2015, which were screened to 24 multiplex Cinema in 2015 revelation and some new changes were also made. VOX Cinemas is also operated by Majid Al Futtaim.

Visitor Information

The mall opened its two 5-star hotels for the guests and visitors. Dubai metro was linked to the mall in 2009. The mall opens from 9 A.M till 11 P.M daily. The mall has 76,700+ Positive reviews and a 4.6 rating on Google.

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