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About Dubai Opera

Dubai Opera is located at Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd in Downtown Dubai and It is included in Attractions in Downtown Dubai. Opera Dubai has been designed as a venue for organizing events and various conferences. In which around 2000 people can gather together and enjoy the event together.

Dubai Opera is the perfect venue for performing and organizing events in the opera district of downtown Dubai. It seems to be a different shining from its cultural artwork which attracts the wealth of the people to itself.

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Dubai Opera was built in 2012 by Emaar Properties following the announcement of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, which was fully ready by mid-2016, with performing on 31 August 2016 by Jose Plácido Domingo, a Spanish opera singer Had started.

After the start of the Dubai Opera, it housed two to three opera programs, with famous opera singers such as José Carreras (the famous Spanish operatic tenor) and Les pêcheurs de perles (Opera by Georges Bizet and Friendship Duet Opera Singers).

The first Emirati opera at the Dubai Opera was Singer Hussain Al Jasmi, who performed at the concert on 10 October 2016. Les Miserables, who had sung together for almost three weeks at Opera Dubai, performed for the most days.

dubai opera

The Dubai Opera, a three-week successive program of Les Miserables, won several awards at the 2016 Timeout Dubai Nightlife Awards, including the “Best Theatrical Performance” award.

The Dubai Opera was awarded the Best Organizer Award for the Chief Executive, “Jasper Hope’s” at the 2019 Timeout Dubai Music and Nightlife Awards for his outstanding performance and performance.

The construction and Design of Opera Dubai

Dubai Opera was produced by Emaar Properties. In which  Opera Dubai was placed in the square of the art complex and provided a multi-format venue. The construction of Opera Dubai was announced in 2012, but its production started in April 2013 and the first opening was done in August 2016, which took about 33 months to complete. The architecture firm of Atkins was hired by Emaar Properties to do this work and the entire design was created by Janus Rostock. Approximately 60,000 square meters size was chosen for this design. After designing the design by Janus Rostock, the structural design was created by Atkins Engineers.

The companies providing different services for all the works in the construction of Opera Dubai were selected and the contract was awarded by Emaar to the Contractor Consolidated Contractor Company (CCC) Company.

Dubai Opera has chosen “ThyssenKrupp Services” for all types of services such as elevator services and lifting services, “LSI Projects” for audio and lighting systems, and BK Gulf was chosen as the MEP contractor, making BK Gulf the winner of the MEP Award in 2014.

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The Dubai Opera has a dhow shaped with one side, with high sides on one side and slopes on the other. On the side of the slope and on the other side seat in which the sound of the theater can be heard.


There is also a restaurant with a better view of Burj khalifa on the terrace of the building to dine at the Dubai Opera.

The loft at the Dubai Opera

Dinner is better enjoyed with a view of Burj Khalifa and Dubai Fountain. These restaurants provide a variety of facilities that people can get a better experience at the door of the theater. The Loft restaurant has a maximum capacity of 350 seats.

The Loft Restaurant is known for its events and parties at the Opera Dubai. AED 35 has to be paid for entering the loft, in which the party can be enjoyed. The loft bars can be enjoyed in a better way in which the bar can be seen inside and outside the restaurant.

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The most popular dishes of the loft are hearty pasta, truffle pizza, and meat dishes which are cooked very slowly. During the days of events, a large crowd can be seen in the loft. During events, weddings, and art shows, The Loft has been ahead of all its various facilities and shows.


Full parking is provided for the visitors coming to Dubai Opera.

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The parking lot can be seen after the decorative name of the Dubai Opera. To park in a parking lot, one has to pay a higher parking charge on the days of the demonstration, which is approximately AED 40 per hour to purchase the parking space two hours before the demonstration. On non-performance days, one hour of parking is charged as AED 10.

Architectural Tour of Dubai Opera

Dubai Opera is a performing art center found in Downtown Dubai were trained artists who come to perform and the image of Opera Dubai emerges in providing a better atmosphere for those who see and hear them.

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Dubai Opera is designed for cultural events and events from which its works emerge on the basis of cultural performance.

The Dubai Opera is a three-story building with a large chandelier hanging on the third floor that provides a better experience for each person who attends the Opera Dubai. The program has a duration of approximately 45 minutes at the Dubai Opera.

Programs and performances held in Opera Dubai are mostly conducted in English and Arabic and many times in other languages. About AED 75 per adult and about AED 40 per child is payable for entering any work order in Dubai Opera.

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