BurJuman, the best &Oldest mall since 1991

BurJuman, the oldest mall

Burjuman is located in the United Arab Emirates in Bur Dubai ie Emirates Dubai in Old Dubai.
It is one of the well-known old malls not only in well

-known Dubai but also in the entire UAE. It is run by the Owner Al Ghurair Group of Dubai’s oldest mall Al Ghurair Center.


Burjuman is considered one of the old landmarks of Dubai due to its location in Bur Dubai, known as old Dubai. Burjuman center is known not only as a mall but also as a shopping mall, business tower, hotel and restaurant, and a chain of entertainment zones.
The entire Burjuman occupies about 3 million square feet of space, which is the entire area measured after the renovation of the Burjuman and the Burjuman Mall only occupies an area of about 75000 square meters.

burjuman mall

The 4-floor building of Burjuman Mall has around 300+ retail stores, including a 5800 square meter Carrefour which was started in 2014.


The Burjuman Mall was built by Al Ghurair, the group that first gave the mall to Dubai, built by HEric R Kuhne & Associates, Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates PC Architects. The Burjuman Mall was started on about 5 November 1991, at which time it was decided to open only the North Wings section of the mall for the visitors.

This Burjuman Mall used to occupy about 50,000 square meters of space at the time of inception.
In 2002, there was talk of extending the north wing of the mall to open the southern wing. Under this expansion, along with the north wing of the mall, the work of the southern wing of the mall was started and the construction of a hotel and a business tower in the mall was proposed to be done to enhance the mall.


Construction work was started in mid-2004 to do this expansion, and the entire work budget was kept at about $140 million dollars.
Subsequently, the southern wing section of the mall was opened in 2007.

Mall renovation

The renovation work of the Burjuman Mall was started in May 2011, under which the renovation of the mall on the North and South Wings was announced, but the most emphasis was on the renovation of the North Wing.

A variety of multiplex cinemas were opened for a better entertainment experience with better shopping for the visiting visitors to the mall. The renewed emphasis was on entertainment and restaurants and cafes.
Changes were made in a variety of shops to provide a better experience for visitors. All the food courts were done on one floor and all entertainment sources on one floor.


Parking of more than 3300+ vehicles was added to the renovation. During the renovation, most attention was given to the North and South Wings. Seeing the renovation of the North Wing, the Southern Wing was properly renovated. Many things were added during renovation and many things were removed.
The total area measured after renovation is about 2.86 million square feet, which was about 500,000 square feet at the time of construction.


To further enhance the Burjuman Mall, the Business Tower was set to be sized around 30 stories, ready to be built to make Burjuman Mall even more. On the other hand, work was started to complete the construction of a resident hotel near the mall with all facilities, providing the visitors with all kinds of facilities like a living, eating, gym, swimming pool, and parking. Had to know,
Hotel and Business Tower awarded as Burjuman Arjaan by Rotana and Burjuman Business Tower.

The mall has been given a total of 4 floors, excluding the hotel and the tower.

Al Ghurair Group

Al Ghurair Group is one of the United Arab Emirates group that gave Dubai the first mall, Al Ghurair Center.

The Al Ghurair Group was founded in the year 1960 by Saif Ahmed Al Ghurair. The Al Ghurair Group operates not only in the United Arab Emirates but in several GCC countries, in North America, in many countries in Asia and European continents.

The core operations of the Al Ghurair Group are manufacturing, real estate, and investment. This is such a group is associated with many subsidiaries like ADEKA, Refco, and TALEX.


An attempt is always made to provide a new experience to all the visiting visitors in Burjuman.
The mall instructions are seen with the information of the mall for each visitor. To enter the mall, the mall has been linked to the metro, in which the visitor can get ease of transportation.


A parking facility is provided for each visitor’s vehicle and in the facility of currency exchange i.e. currency exchange is also provided for the visitor.

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